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What does it truly mean to Unlock True Potential?

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Unlocking true potential is seeing and using the whole

In personal development and spiritual teachings the word ‘potential’ is very often used. But what is it exactly and what happens when we allow it to unlock and unfold?


In essence, we are all potential. This life force energy ‘we’ are all made of and which flows through our bodies. Our human life experiences give us the opportunity to experience it, in different dimensions, variations and in relationship with others.


So far the concept of potential in a nutshell, which remains a concept if we don’t allow ourselves to truly experience and find new understandings. 


So what happens when we choose to say yes to unlock our potential?


Will dreams come true? Yes and no. It depends how you look at it and from which level of consciousness.


Let me explain. 

I would like to invite you to feel the difference in energy in the below stated words:


What I want from life is…


What this life wants from me is…


Do you feel the huge difference? In energy; in perspective; in surrendering versus controlling; in unlocking willpower or true potential? We might think we need this or that: that perfect job, this relationship, that amount of money, those successes etc. And we can have it, we do. But it will only be truly and deeply satisfying if it matches with our soul's path and the potential which lies hidden in it to embody for us in this lifetime.


So how do we unlock true potential really?


To give it permission to unfold, without fixating it into something it needs to be. Our beliefs, patterns, convictions are the worst enemies of potential. What it needs is trust. Silence. Space. Patience. And courageous and aligned action to unfold.


It will show itself through Sparkles; ideas, thoughts, insight, dreams, inspirations, synchronicities. Seemingly random and without direct meaning. But following and honouring these ‘bread crumbs’ will lead you exactly where you need to be, learning to reach your inner depth on the way. That’s what unlocking and unfolding of true potential is. ‘We’ get out of the way and align with what life wants from us.


For us humans, this is the most challenging part: to get the ‘I’ out of the way and transform it into the ‘eye’ who sees the whole and takes action courageously into the unknown. Because you ‘know’.


Allow yourself to be the potential that you are. It is a great honor to support and guide you on that journey of exploration and awakening through my offerings.  For individuals with my program The Shaman Within and for conscious businesses with tailormade programs.





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