Podcast De Ontwaakte Leider

A Sparkle of Consciousness is what we as humans are. It is our essence, our everlasting becoming.


New sparkles are endless, and our consciousness forever continues its infinite expansion.

Sparkles come to us through ideas, dreams, inspiration, and most of all they are handed over to us in our daily lives through experiences and challenges.

About Sparkle of Consciousness


We all have the ability to tune-in to our innate wisdom. The infinite part that never ends and always expands; beyond life times and earthy matters. This inner knowing is like a polar star leading us as humans on our path. Day-by-day life offers challenges for us to choose to lose ourselves or to (re)align with what always was and ever will be, our infinite wisdom.

When we truly ‘see’ ourselves, the other, and the world from this eye of wisdom we become the whole we all long for. It is my gift to the world to hold space for whatever wants to come into light. To ignite the sparkles of consciousness which are needed to bring clarity and purity for us to reconnect to what we truly are.

It is my deepest wish for all of us to relate truthfully with ourselves, so we can be this powerful source of wisdom at home, at work, in politics, and in our communities - for the benefit of us all and evolution of humankind.

About the Founder


I'm Mireille Goedkoop, founder of Sparkle of Consciousness. I offer my love into working as a sacred space holder, energy medicine woman, coach, spiritual guide, writer and entrepeneur.

This life’s journey has given me over 25 years of experience in facilitating the healing of body and soul (from the inside out) for many people around the world. I see my work as supporting other fellow humans into a life of power, presence, and purpose. You may read more about how I was called to use my medicine.

I am also a mother, a wife, a business partner, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a soul, a sparkle of consciousness.

My life experience & training includes

Arthur Findlay College in London
(College for Mediumship & Spiritualism). Four years of intensive courses for Spiritual Healing.¬†¬†Healing Touch: Internationally certified bio-energy training used for patients in hospitals in US. ¬†InnerGuidance¬†Institute Bali:¬† Level 1¬† & Advanced Level 2 Facilitator. ¬†Regression Therapist: 1yr training¬†¬†Inca Shamanism: Illumination/Extraction/Soul Retrieval. ¬†Ayurveda Yoga Teacher: 250 hrs / 5 years teaching. ¬†Retreat Leader/Founder at Soulfulliving Yoga Retreats. Business Owner of Zorgt Communicatie + Uitgeverij en Academy Het Noorderlicht (NL)¬†¬†Author of IK DOE HET¬†¬†Lover of my soulmate Michiel van der Ham. ¬†Joyful and grateful mum of Lanta Kee (19) & Bodhi Mu√Į (15). ¬†World citizen & traveller.¬†¬†Sacred Space Holder.

About True Collaboration


With true creation comes true collaboration. Co-creation means birthing something together; it means aligning with the Universe, and with other conscious humans on this earth who share the same vision. It is only in such a collaboration that true potential can come to life - by multiplying talents and allowing everyone's gifts to be bursts of sparkles, where a high quality of creation is the only result.


I have the privilege to work together with great awakened leaders and professionals, each of whom offer their sparkle for the teams and organisation(s) they work for. My soulmate, husband and business partner Michiel van der Ham is a great support on my journey and inspires the world and specifically Life Coaches with our Dutch publishing & training company Het Noorderlicht that specializes in constellation work.

3 Ways to Work Together


Depending on what you're seeking, there are a couple different ways for us to work together. Have a look at the below offerings to see which one meets your need right now.


At-your-pace programs bring deep transformation forward at your core level, with Energy Medicine as the key. Available in English or Dutch.

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A personalized high impact private holding space for professionals, conscious leaders and their teammembers. In Dutch only.

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Elevation for conscious leaders and their teams or clients who seek to create change within themselves, their organizations and the world.

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