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Shifting to wholeness


The world is experiencing a radical paradigm shift. If we want our business organizations to remain relevant and aligned with this great shift, then it is of utmost importance to be working on the elevation of self and the elevation of economics. This means that we must get clear on our reasons for being in business, our means of doing business, and the ways in which we collaborate within our teams.

A Sparkle of Consciousness Business Journey is about raising consciousness within the realm of your business - for the benefit of your organization, its leaders and team members.

Every journey is created with the intention of providing a powerful holding space for your organization; everyone benefits from it, regardless of time, space or life experience. Every single person in the group has the same opportunity for profound transformation, and with the right support.

I use the power of togetherness, the spoken word, vibration of music, as well as other elements to lift each other up in an exceptionally transformative experience. Through the use of multiple elements, the connection felt between each individual in relation to the whole, is invaluable.

Are you a business owner or part of an organization that wants to benefit from diving deep into the dynamics of your organization? Together we will identify your unique dynamic and work through things like:

  • Journeying to the core of your organization.
  • (Re)discover the strength of your organization and/or your team as a whole.
  • Aligning your team energetically.
  • Identifying, de-tangling and shifting the energy within your organization.

If your organization is ready to take transformative steps into reaching new heights, then you're invited to read and complete the below invitation for collaboration.

What Clients Say 


Marjolein Dubbers

'Running a business that keeps on expanding is not always easy. It requires you to stay close to yourself so aligned actions and choices are made. Mireille's sessions help me to release tension, transform old patterns and unfold my own potential, for myself and my business. She is a true professional in her field.'

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The Invitation


We have tremendous power and potential as human beings, when we meet in unity.

The below form is an invitation to collaborate - for us to start a business focused journey into transparency and integrity of you and your organization as a whole.

Whatever issue is leading in the given moment - either as a business owner, within a business partnership or for a team of employees - when we start working together, I aim to approach using ‘energy’ as the medicine. It speaks in the language of universal wisdom to us, which we all know and understand, even if we might have forgotten it along the way.

This leads to bringing back Trust.


Seeing the bigger picture.

Coming back to Unity.

I use different tools, like sound healing, rituals, constellation work, inquiry, InnerGuidance journeys, ceremonies, meditation, music, dance, energy transmissions, lecturing, yoga, as well as group & individual reflection work.

All of the elements are always custom designed for the goal and benefit of your organization as a whole.

~ Mireille ~

Business Journey Invitation Form