Podcast De Ontwaakte Leider

What if we could all radiate at our highest vibrational light?


We would move mountains! How exciting is that!?

 No matter who you are or what you do, it is important that we clear our energy fields so that we can shine light on our shadow, discover our blind spots, and grow even more deeply into our true nature.

All of our programs invite you to take full responsibility for your whole self; to live in alignment with your true nature so that we may all benefit from each other, and together harmonize our inner and outer world.

Understanding that all creation comes from a single source, our programs are of no religious denomination, spiritual leanings or specific teachings - they have been created directly from a pure universal energy.

Main Program

Created to Awaken, Heal & Transform


The Shaman Within

We all have the ability to tune-in to our innate wisdom, to untangle and (re)discover the unique power that is in each and every one of us. This transformational program is about journeying inward to fully align with your Higher Self - your Shaman Within. Available in English & Dutch.

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Step-In Programs


Introduction to the
Shaman Within

This special module will introduce you to the transformational change and healing that is calling for you. It is the first step in going beyond all your layers of old stories, ego, protection, and survival mechanisms. Available in English and Dutch.

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InnerGuidance Journey
Head vs Heart

This journey is something that can only be felt and experienced. Using sound, energy medicine, inquiry and transmissions, you will be led into an expanded state of consciousness - a place where there is no longer a conflict between your head and heart.

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De Dood Leeft 


De Dood Leeft

Death has many faces and ways to show up in life. This program takes you on an experiential journey into meeting and getting-to-know death and all that is connected to it. A deep transformative personal journey for those who are transitioning, fear death, or are feeling a call to truly understand life and death and all that lies hidden in it to discover. 

Availible now only in Dutch

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Learn how you can develop yourself and your leadership in this Dutch course in three profound steps.

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