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We are living in an era of evolutionary change.

The world has turned upside down. That which no longer functions, has come to light. Surely you have felt this shift in your inner and outer world.

Do you feel a call to fully align with your Higher Self and that which longs to become? And to let go of what no longer works for you?

Listen to this inner calling. There is no better time than now to (re)start your journey inward and ignite your sparkle.

Listen & Feel


I invite you to begin the Shaman Within program by watching the below video, either in Dutch or English. To learn more about this (r)evolutionary program, its energy and to get-to-know me.


What is The Shaman Within?


It is a program about freeing that which longs to be revealed, healed and evolved within you, on a deep energetic level. The Shaman Within is designed to give your system time to rise in vibration, allowing for the desired widening to occur; all of which happens in the form of insight, physical releases, healing and transformation.

Who Is It For?

No matter who you are or what you do, it is important that we all clear our energy fields so that we can shine light on our shadow, discover our blind spots, and grow even more deeply into our true nature. Whether you feel a call after a loss or burnout, are a Lightworker, or a personal development professional like a psychologist or coach, this program is for those who seek to dive deeper and elevate in their consciousness.

How Does It Work?

The Shaman Within evokes you to discover the ever present guidance from within your own divinity, and truly awaken to your self from within. It has been created in such a way so that you feel like you have your own personal teacher, guiding you in this new era. The message is a timeless one - know thy self. The teachings are of a universal wisdom ushering deep growth of consciousness. The outcome (unique to each individual) is of inner light flowing more powerfully; so that you can help yourself, and then others on the Earth in the best possible way.

The program is available in English & Dutch.

You Will Discover

> Unlock Potential - connect with your true nature and start living the life you were meant to live. By shifting perspective from: 'What I want from life is..' to..'What this life wants from me is..'

> Real Change & Healing - Become aware of the subtle interplay between energies so that you can invite real change into your life. Clear your old definitions of self and make room for your Higher Self to shine. Learn helpful exercises that guide you on your way to embodying your essence, through developing an expanded consciousness.

> Inner Freedom
- Feel the powerful life energy that you are; experience the source that you are.

> From Doing to Being - This program is designed to help you from getting lost in a circle of subconscious patterns; it will teach you how to consciously stop ‘doing’ and start ‘being’.

> Energy Management - Learn how to work with your  energy bodies on a daily basis so that managing it is as normal as taking a shower. You’ll learn powerful exercises that are designed to restore and maintain the balance of your energy system.

Journey Into Your Own Liberation


Often we think that we need something outside of ourselves in order to heal, be happy and feel complete. Things like a love relationship, financial success, a guru, a healer, acknowledgement or applause for what we do. All of these surely enhance our experience of life, yet they will never bring the whole, and long term fulfillment that we seek - the kind that can only be discovered and felt from within.

The Shaman Within has been created to guide you along your inner journey to the deepest core level of your being - supported and held in the loving space of your own divinity itself. Its 12 modules are full of energetic exercises, audio’s, video’s, ceremonies, sacred knowledge and powerful transmissions that will lead you on your highly unique personal journey.

Learn more by clicking on the modules below.

A True Game Changer

When you realize you hold the power within to answer any question you seek the answer to, it is a true game changer. That realization is golden.

You have all the tools within you.

Feel that. Know that.

After 20 years of self exploration, diving deep into the healing arts and working 1-on-1 with clients, I have learned practical steps and transformative stages of awakening through energy medicine; as well as all that it takes to maneuver your way through it. With this knowledge and experience, I have created the Shaman Within program so that it offers a profound structure to support you along your in-depth journey.

I know that by guiding you to find your personal resourcefulness within, and by teaching you how to tune-in to the universal intelligence, you will be able to heal and truly liberate your self.

I invite you to take responsibility for, and truly get-to-know your whole self.

I can’t wait to guide you into your inner wisdom with the Shaman Within.

Here we go!

With Love,

Invest in True Transformation


Incl. btw

  • 12 intensive modules that will guide you through deep energetic sessions. Every week 2 modules are released; you can decide when to take them, at your own pace. You have 1 year access to the course.

  • Powerful inner retreats that bring true connection with who and what you are on a soul level.

  • An highly transformational InnerGuidance  journey. (English spoken also in Dutch program)

  • Easy to use and private learning environment, accessible from all devices, including mobile phones.

  • Free on-going support from Mireille, accessible from within the private learning environment. Ask questions related to your discovery process and Mireille will personally reflect on them and guide you on your way.
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What Participants Experienced



"So much has happened during this journey. I have released a lot, met and accepted my dark side and laughed and cried."


"I am so happy with this program. Right from the start I noticed improvement. I feel a lot more positive and letting go of what doesn’t serve me has become a lot easier." 


"Thank you so much, tears are pouring over my cheeks. It really felt like filling up a hole inside of me. It is a gift to myself to receive this."

Read more reviews here

In this Program You Choose to...


  • Go directly into the essence of the energetic dynamics that are playing out inside of you. Discover the subtle and unconscious under current that is the engine of your behavior. It has been Mireille's gift from childhood to 'see' from this field.

  • Safe time and money on courses that are not reaching the core of things.

  • Reach the breakthrough that you have been waiting for for years. Get beyond old patterns, old pains, limiting beliefs and fear.

  • Experience deep and profound healing. Improve the relationship with yourself and therefore with others around you like your partner, kids, parents, friends and/or colleagues.

  • Enjoy these very raw, very real, and very authentic dynamics of life force teachings and experiences.

  • Benefit from a very personal connection with Mireille, founder of the Sparkle of Consciousness, and creator of the program the Shaman Within.

  • Be the peace you desire in the world. Share your exceptional greatness with others, and then watch what happens... You first. Together, we are the world.
I'm ready to get started!
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Ik kies voor Level 1 van Lead to Wholeness incl De Sjamaan in Jou

Like to learn more?

In this Dutch interview Mireille speaks about awakening, her own path of discovery and how The Shaman Within was born.

Watch the interview here