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My vision: A Stadium of Light

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Imagine, how would it be to sit here in this stadium full of light? To be this Light? We don’t need to become a monk to realise it. We can do it as ‘ordinary’ human beings having an ‘ordinary’ life. We just need to remember our true nature, so we can relate differently with ourselves and one another. In 2018 I received this vision: a Stadium of Light. 


It was in the middle of a deep meditation when I was taken into a huge stadium full of people and was asked to walk towards the center spot. I sat down in the middle, closed my eyes and just started to do what I was asked to: shining my Light. It ignited the innate flames of all the people in the stadium and within seconds these sparkles of light lifted the whole stadium as one.


It showed me our tremendous power and potential as human beings, when we meet in unity.


From the day I was taken into this experience it has become my vision and leading force to fully step into my potential and choose to show up for the benefit of us all. 


When I am in that stadium full of people…


  • ..we reconnect with ourselves and one another. In a different way than we are used to. Beyond roles, beyond talking, beyond the layers of protection. In unity and held by the Universal Light Force we are all made of.


  • …we are invited  into a warm, sacred space in which we feel safe and held to come out of our shelter and be open, honest, and sincere about what lives inside of us.


  • .. we might dance. Bare feet, with our tie loose or off, so we can breathe and feel the earth, the sky, the air, the sun, which all connect us.


  • …we go through a medicine journey in which we learn in an experiential way what is hidden, what is waiting to show itself.


  • …we connect with our neighbour in a way we really see ourselves in the other. In a simple but so powerful way it will change our experience of how we could connect in a loving, sustainable and transparent way.


  • ..we express our wishes, desires, fears or whatever else matters to us, honoring all parties involved in such a beautiful way, so real, authentic communication from the heart becomes reality.


  • ..we experience the power of the whole. When we touch upon and connect with the tremendous power that lies in each and one of us and bring that together, the individual lifts the whole and vice versa.


How does this vision manifest itself?


I am offering this holding space for the individual through my programs. And for conscious leaders and their teams or clients as part of (personal) leadership programs at live events, or in (online) group sessions.


Whatever issue in a team, business partnership, among employees or for a business owner is leading in the moment we start working together, I aim for an approach in which we use ‘energy’ as the medicine. It speaks in the language of universal wisdom to us, which we all know and understand, even if we might have forgotten it on the way.


This leads to bringing back Trust.


Seeing the bigger picture.

Coming back to Unity.


I use different tools, like: soundhealing, rituals, constellation work, inquiry, shamanic journeying, ceremony, meditation, dance, music, energy transmissions, lecturing, yoga, group and individual reflection work. 


All custom made for the goal and benefit of the whole.


My individual programs have been designed with the same tools. Plus 20yrs of experience and my inner guidance, which leads towards transparency, integrity and truth. Realizing what matters to us. In our life, at work and in relationships.



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