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Lightyear: Potential and wholeness in One conscious business

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It is not often that I am truly touched by a business, but it happened. On a grey evening I came across a Dutch documentary on television about Lightyear One, the first solar powered family car. I called my son of 12 to come and watch it with me, because I know this kind of stuff has his interest.

We both got so inspired, watching it. He because he likes the subject, me because I could feel how oneness and wholeness are at the foundation of every part of this business.


Smart, conscious, humble and authentic people who understand what it takes to truly use potential and abundance for the benefit of humankind. How often do you see that in a business organization?


Started as students, the co-founder and CEO Lex Hoefsloot was part of the Solar Challenge Team in which solar run small vehicles competed in a race. Out of this challenge the Lightyear One was developed and the first solar run family car is expected to be available for the market in 2021.

Now still exclusive but the aim is to have affordable solar powered cars available for the lowest price, so especially in countries where sun is widely and for free available, but electricity and fuel are not, like India or Africa, these cars can make a difference. To the lives of people, to the environment, to our climate change challenges.


What makes this a conscious business is not only their product, vision and contribution to the world as a whole. It is also their business culture. You could sense how they deeply understand what it takes to get potential out of people. Which is just common sense, if you ask me. Giving maximum trust and support to employees to be their true self, will ignite this. So they feel safe to explore, fail, be open, think fully out of the box and collaborate for the sake of the whole. 


It made me realize again why we have chosen the Agora School for my son. A secondary education in which the intrinsic motivation to learn something is fully ignited, because children get to learn what they like themselves. No teachers who tell you what to learn ( or better said: what to reproduce out of a book), but through challenges you explore any subject you like.

Already during the documentary about Lightyear my son grabbed his laptop to write down his inspiration about a new challenge: building a small solar powered car himself.


Thank you Lightyear, Lex and all the people in this documentary. It was TRUE inspiration and a shot of positivity and powerful presence of potential. I felt it in all of my being.


Conscious leadership at every level.


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