Podcast De Ontwaakte Leider

Learning what you came here to learn


On Monday morning our son Bodhi starts with a meeting with his coach at school, instead of listening to a teacher. Because there aren't any. Neither are compulsory subjects.

He decides what to learn in his own way.

That is quite something for a child of 12 who just came from a traditional school. And it is quite something for his parents too. 

...to un-school, detach from a system which has conditioned us too and to have full trust in the inner intelligence, unfolding, unknowing and guidance which has taken us to this (re) evolutionary school in the first place.

The first week they spend time together to feel into their space. Where and how each child would prefer to have his or her working space in something that looks more like a clubhouse than a classroom. Some would choose to sit in the center, others in a corner. Some like to build a hut around it, others in open contact with friends. 

All is allowed.

You can be you.

Bodhi learned that he liked it all, but at the same time felt lost without having any structure. His coach helped him to make a plan, which lightened up his world. He gets to decide to use the planning or to let it go when he wants to. 

Freedom and structure, yes they go together..

Now he is occupied with a the meeting in which they connect and present each other in: ' WHO AM I' 

Quite a big question. THE question!

To express himself in front of a group scares him a lot and he wishes he could run away from it, but he found a way. In video...so he can hide a little bit and doesn't need to speak live. 'I will just play the video mum and look at the wall', he said.

All is well my son. I watch you discover, unlearn, try, fall and rise. 

And we hold space.

For you to be you.

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