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Do you listen to Divine guidance?

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In March this year we chose a secondary school for my son. He wanted to go to the same school as his big sister is in. She is nearly in her last year and we are satisfied with the school. They really try hard to offer subjects in an appealing way, but the curriculum is leading and the educational system is traditional. You need to reproduce mainly what is written in the books and you get applause for this reproduction….simply said.


On an ordinary evening in March this year, I was sitting at the dinner table with my 2 children. My daughter (16) asked me about schools in which you get to learn whatever you like yourself. I told her they do exist in the Netherlands and that we even considered sending her to one of them when we were in the phase of choosing a secondary school for her. But we couldn’t find one in the city we were living in.


At the same time as I was having this conversation with my kids I received a Whatsapp message. From an old friend of my husband, whom I didn’t see for many years. She texted me: Are you home this week? I am having an interview with the founder of Agora school in your town, so I would like to drop by.’


Agora school? Never heard of. What’s that? I Googled it, still at the dinner table with my kids, and was astonished to see it was exactly the kind of school we just spoke about. I had no clue it was located just around the corner and it didn’t pop up either in our school search.

Probably because it is not a mainstream school (yet). 


Now maybe any other would have seen this as a coincidence, but I know when the Universe is at play. And I will drop everything and listen to it. Which I did. And ‘they’ know. Whoever or whatever ‘they’ is. 


Let’s say: Guidance.

They know they can work with me in this way, because we have always been in touch since I was a child. I made this deep commitment to live my life’s purpose and although this is not always easy, I trust fully to be guided for my highest good and those connected to me.


Needless to say, although the registration date for the new school year was already closed, Bodhi got in. Because it was meant to.


And although it is a big change for him and for us as parents to be in a school without a system, to have freedom to learn whatever you want in a way that works for you, we already see what a gift this is for our son.


Before he jumped on his bike this morning he said to me: ‘Mom, it is so great to throw out my shoes once I get in school, listen to music, while I decide to learn and work on what I like. It doesn’t feel like learning.’


“Synchronicity happens when we align with the flow of the universe
rather than insisting the universe flow our way.”


Have a beautiful day, full of Divine Guidance!


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