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What does a'n unique Sacred Sign have to offer?

energy medicine & healing

Years ago I met this nice guy, Marco Bot, during a Shamanic training. He was always drawing, even during the training. Symbols, signs, images; it was like he was a fountain of inspiration that needed to be expressed through his sketch pad. I was reminded of him while I was in the process of allowing Sparkle of Consciousness to birth and give it form into a website. Since we saw each other years ago for the last time Marco developed his gift tremendously and he creates now sacred signs; for the collective (the one you see in this post was created by him at the 12:12 portal activation in 2021) , for individuals and for conscious businesses, like Sparkle of Consciousness.


When I contacted him I had no clue yet, what he possibly could do for Sparkle of Consciousness. I just knew he is a very genuine and pure human being, directly inspired by Source, which leads into great authentic creations.  


I asked him to tune-in his divine space and to create a sacred sign for Sparkle of Consciousness which would carry the energy that would open up the sparkle space for anyone visiting the website. This is how he described this process: ‘It was an overwhelming beauty of nature, colors and energies which surrounded me. There was so much life force and love all around; it truly felt like the natural flow. Full trust and surrender to this flow, is what Sparkle of Consciousness embodies.’


He expressed this energy into a sacred sign with an image of colors and nature. It fitted perfectly with a sound message which was transmitted through me at an inspirational moment for Sparkle of Consciousness. This wonderful co-creation and gift from Source is available for you now; to unlock your true potential.

Feel welcome to experience it in my free training: The Initiations.


Please allow yourself to discover what it has to offer you. 



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