The Initiations

In this unique free training I invite you to step into the energy and open yourself up to your inner wisdom. Use this opportunity to slowly experience your true nature and a deeper level of consciousness. Get to know your
 guidance, the energy and how all of it feels for you.

I encourage you to take the time to experience every day's energy transmissions provided through written messages, as well as audio and video recordings. Each day will be very different in what is offered and what you will experience.

Begin by completing the form provided and discover:

Day 1: Unlayer with sound and Sacred Geometry
Day 2: Connect with your Guidance
Day 3: A mini InnerGuidance Journey into Truth
Day 4: Step into Awakening

Let's begin, together!

Mireille Goedkoop

The Initiations: Free Training

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Who will guide you?

Hello! I am Mireille Goedkoop.

It is my pleasure to share 20 years of experience with you as an energy medicine woman, healer and practitioner. More than 300 people have experienced deep and profound transformation through my programs and I would love for you to also benefit from these great healing tools and universal wisdom. I am here to hold sacred space for you to unravel what is longing to be heard, seen and healed on a deep energetic level. So you can be the peace that you desire.

Let's get to know each other in the free training 'The Initiations'. Complete the form below to start your inner journey.

It will be magical. I promise.

With love, Mireille

The Initiations: Free Training

Sign up today and start right away with Day 1 of this training.