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Over 25 years ago, I took the entire McKinsey team on a trip. To Lapland. More than 300 people: from the partners, board members to the secretaries. It was a very exciting journey, on many levels. With thirty degrees below zero, everyone needed to wear a thermal suit. The same blue thick suit for everyone, including a balaclava that only made the eyes visible.


It had immediate results. All roles, (power)relations and status symbolism fell away, because it was simply terribly cold and they spent the night together on reindeer skins in tipi tents in the middle of the wilderness. A fire had to be made and if you wanted to stay warm, it was important to sit close together in the cramped tents.


Leaders were caused to become ordinary people again.

And other common people started to be leaders.


The system could rest for a while and breathe.


For the individual and the collective.


With my 25 years I was in between this all and facilitated the whole thing. Seemingly just the journey, but in the undercurrent dynamics shifted and stuck structures fell apart. I had no clue by then how 'big' it actually was what was happening. I was quite ‘unexperienced’ - it was one of my first jobs - and I didn’t know anything yet about healing, systemic work, awakening, coaching, energy medicine. At least not consciously.


But sometimes we do things unconsciously long before it becomes conscious, because it is so 'normal' to us. That is often our talent.


So it seems no coincidence that now, 25 years later, I invite leaders and mentors / coaches of leaders to The Fundament of Awakened Leadership. To just be human and soul again at a magical place beyond all roles and obligations. To reset, deepen, heal and awaken so that you can be the leader you are meant to be. From a renewed perspective of wholeness and lived through wisdom, for the benefit of the whole.


Because it is time. Really time.

For business and spirituality.

For human and soul.

For heaven and earth.


To integrate.


Don’t you think?


It starts with you, with me, with all of us.


I invite you to this extraordinary journey of your mastery. You can read more here about The Fundament of Awakened Leadership. 




PS: When I was looking for an image for this post, many photos came up with the northern lights. Again coincidence? I am (the silent) co-owner of publishing house and academy Het Noorderlicht (= Northern Light), in which my husband Michiel van der Ham is in charge and supports leaders and coaches of leaders in systemic work. Always everything comes together, which wants to come together.

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