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Conscious relating is what the world needs right now

conscious relating

Today we cried, both of us. Of despair, hope, love, (dis)connection and (mis)understandings. All together..


If there is one thing I could say about a conscious relationship is that it takes courage, commitment, honesty and transparency to go beyond, over and over again, to make it work. Michiel and I have been together for 18 years. The moment we saw each other I knew he was the one: my soulmate. The one I would commit to and connect to in the deepest way possible at every level. All the way.


We challenged ourselves.


In these 18 years we became parents within the first year; we worked as 2 captains at one ship in our company for 12 years; we moved houses 8 times in 3 different countries; we became parents of another beautiful soul, who didn’t sleep either just as his sister - 5 years of no sleep all together; we ran several new companies; evolved individually; changed careers; overcome ‘betrayal’; faced childhood trauma etc.


Enough triggers which could have led to separate and run away.


But the commitment to truly understand Self and evolve our relationship within has always brought us back together. Because only then we see ourselves reflected in the other.


But it is not easy. It is far easier to run away, project things at the other, say you can't, or keep things at a superficial and safe-zone level.


But I choose to live to the fullest. With all of my heart open, conscious, and with integrity. As this is the only way to connect deeply with one another and raise kids who will change their world into a place where we live all from our authentic selves.


I thank you deeply for all the lessons, Michiel, Lanta Kee and Bodhi Mui. You are my dream family. 


Let’s make 2022 the year of conscious relating. The world needs it and it starts, only, with ourselves.

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