Podcast De Ontwaakte Leider

Listen - Feel - Experience

Sense the relationship between your head and heart in a radically different way. Explore the kind of coherence that can only come from a subconscious and transcendent level. This InnerGuidance Journey will take you to a place where you will perceive things very differently; a place where there is no longer a conflict between your head and heart.

Expect the Unexpected

Using sound, energy medicine, inquiry and transmissions, this powerful journey works on the four levels of our energetic system: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

You will be led into an expanded state of consciousness and invited to follow the impulses of your body. In this space of inner surrender you will let go of the known - your beliefs, stories, current understanding, and encounter the unknown - a new expanded perception. When here, your consciousness has its own intelligence and will show you exactly what is needed.

InnerGuidance Journey Head vs Heart


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  • Align your head and heart.
  • Experience a deep inner journey.
  • Connect with your core being.
  • Break through inner conflict.
  • Discover new insights.

Free Your Potential

Challenging to fully grasp in words, an InnerGuidance Journey is something that can only be felt and experienced.

Whether you are new to the discovery of your inner world or are looking to step further into your essence, an InnerGuidance Journey offers a deep sense of joy, bliss, and peace.

Regardless of where your understanding of consciousness lies, the journey will bring deep inner wisdom.

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What Makes an InnerGuidance Journey Special?


  •  Your entire being is addressed as a whole.

  •  Energy healing, sound, and verbal guidance are offered at the same time, allowing truthful inner revelations.

  •  Because you will perceive and experience at the same time, you will encounter deep new insights from your subconscious.

  •  What you experience is beyond everyday thinking, you will connect with your inner wisdom.

  •  You will feel growth in consciousness from within, from a place of deep knowing that goes far beyond your intellect.

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What Others Experienced

"This was so special! It took me into the remembrance of effortlessness. I felt my femininity again and life force. I felt a deep joy that I thought to have lost. Thank you." - Veerle, BE

"Wow, what emotions! It felt like I took off a backpack full of of them. At the end the energy was carefree, harmonious and so loving"
Barbara, ES

Practical Things to Know  


1. Using the power of sound, energy medicine and inquiry, an InnerGuidance Journey is not a meditation nor a visualization. It is a deep inner experience into the depth of your being.

2. You can enjoy this journey from the convenience of your own home. It is recorded and offered as an audio, easily played from your mobile, laptop or desktop computer. It is recommended that you wear earphones/headphones for an optimal experience.

3. Following your purchase, you have unlimited access to this InnerGuidance Journey for 1 year, which means that you can enjoy it as many times as you like.

4. An InnerGuidance journey is a profound tool used in all of the programs. Each journey has a different build up and theme, fully embedded in and supporting the transformational process you go through.

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