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Let the Light Shine

 This Introduction to the Shaman Within (Module 1) is an opportunity for you to get-to-know the healing field that is offered and to learn more about this (r)evolutionary program. It is the first step in going beyond all your layers of old stories, ego, protection, and survival mechanisms.

Your Soul is Calling - Will You Listen?


Do you feel blocked?

Are you afraid to look at what is painful and bothering you?

Have you been noticing the same situations and patterns occurring over and over again?

Do you feel resistant behavior or a defense mechanism that is hurting your relationships?

Do you experience a feeling of being lost?


If you’re here reading this then it is quite likely you’ve heard a calling to dive deep and go beyond. The Shaman Within program is about taking a journey into your very personal consciousness, but it is also very much about integrating it on an elevated level into your daily life.

The Introduction to the Shaman Within (Module 1) includes 3 bonuses:

1. Into the Heart - a guided audio transmission.

2. Discovery of longing vs resistance.  

3. Discount code for full program.

This program is available in English & Dutch.

Module 1 - Introduction to the Shaman Within


Incl VAT

  • Get in touch with your core.
  • Discover what is longing for growth within you.
  • Experience healing frequencies.
  • Get a taste for the full program and the professional learning environment.
  • Get a discount code to continue the Shaman Within full program  (€55 value + valid for 7 days on regular price).
  • Choose English or Dutch version.

Let's Get to Know Each Other!

This special module will introduce you to the transformational change and healing that is calling for you. It will open you up to begin your journey to self-examination, instead of self projection; vulnerability instead of defensiveness; feeling, without judgement, and inner listening without resistance.

This introductory session will bring you into an expanded space, where you’ll feel very clearly from a heart and soul level, whether the full Shaman Within program is the right path for you to take.

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I'm Ready, Let's Get Started!

What Others Experienced

"I have already taken quite some steps on my path. The audio in which Mireille takes you into your shadow touched the core right away. I want more of this. I know what to do" - Isabel, BE

"Very warm and inviting. Sincere and of high integrity. I am very curious about the program."
- Saskia, NL

Practical Things to Know  

  1. Once you’ve purchased Module 1, you will receive login details, password and discount code by email. Be sure to check your spam, especially when using Gmail or Hotmail.

  2. You can enjoy this module from the convenience of your own home. It includes pdf materials and a recorded audio, easily played from your mobile, laptop or desktop computer. 

  3. You have unlimited access to Module 1 for 1 year, which means that you can enjoy it as many times as you like, and you’re free to dive into the module whenever you like. 

  4. If you’re ready to move forward with the Shaman Within full program, remember that the discount code you’ll receive is valid for a maximum of 7 days only. (The discount is not valid for continuing with Lead to Wholeness level 1 program) 
I'm Ready, Let's Get Started!
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