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Trust is vulnerable, but we are nowhere without it

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Today my husband found out that our daughter of 16 has been a victim of scamming. She lost all of her savings, where she worked so hard for, for a lousy €3,50 an hour. She was misled and fell into a trap of transferring money for something you can’t believe she fell into. But she did. We trusted she would know and recognize these scams. One payment led to another, and the problem became bigger and bigger for her to see no escape. Eventually she transferred even some money from our account and her little brothers, because she was told she would get it all back.


It all happened in a timeframe of 3 months. During that time she was alone with her problem. It breaks my heart to acknowledge this, that she didn’t come to us to talk about it. She felt ashamed and was hoping it would be solved with every new payment. They promised her that in a very refined, professional scamming way.


Her trust has been betrayed. She lost all her money where she worked so hard for. And yes, we feel betrayed too. She is a victim and guilty at the same time. 


Aren’t we all…..


For me the biggest realization is that I cannot prevent my children from getting hurt.

That hurts.

It really does.

But even though I cry for that

And feel the pain

I also know it is part of ‘the problem’

Because children don’t want to see their parents in pain.


We need to ‘allow’ our children their own lessons in life. 

Even if it hurts.

To make mistakes to learn.

To build the trust,

that whatever happens

They ask for help

Get up their feet

And find their own answers of truth and strength

In any situation.


Building trust and confidence through mistrust.


She got it, the lesson. We do too.


I light a candle for all victims and perpetrators.

And invite forgiveness in.

Thank you for the lessons, given and taken.


In today's world where TRUST gets tested in many ways.

Be the light.

Be the Trust.

That it all leads to the betterment of humanity.

Even if it doesn’t look like it.




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