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The importance of a sacred space

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I have the privilege to work from a Mongolian Yurt in my garden. A space which we have created to tune into our essence, surrounded by nature. Big trees, birds, butterflies, flowers and the sound of the neighbouring sheep are all around...in the city.


Of course when I was younger and didn't have a family,I didn’t have this kind of space at my disposal. But even then living in Amsterdam in the smallest apartment, I would create a sacred space. I would ask my dad to put up a hammock at my 2m2 balcony, which would cover basically the whole space. Good or bad weather, you would find me in my hammock surrounded by candle light, music, tea and a book. So happy, fulfilled and aligned. I was in heaven.


For you a sacred space might be; sitting in nature, at an altar, a meditation corner in your room...anything. Even when I travel I take some crystals, my favourite card deck and a candle to create a sacred space. To come home with myself and align with my guidance. Just to sit in silence and turn inward.


In this chaotic world where people run from one thing to another it is so needed to do this. To take time to align with yourself. I have come to learn that the more stress people experience the more reasons they come up with for why they are not able to take time for themselves. They can’t see, they keep the circle of being stressed and unfulfilled, going this way.


I would like to ask you to take only 4 minutes now. Let me take you into my sacred space and breathe. I am sure it will calm you down and reset your thoughts.


Please ask yourself after the video: What is really important to me? What can I do today to align with myself?


And take action!




PS: All my offerings are created in this oasis of peace, love and beauty. My holding space is daily built up and nourished by this sacred space in which I feel great strength and guidance to serve myself, my family and the world. I am deeply grateful for this piece of land and its stunning beauty.

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