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Death Lives

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It was in the midst of the pandemic in 2021 where I understood how we as humans are in need of embracing our mortality and knowing our eternity. How deeply we have lost the sense of what life and death really are. Colored by upbringing, Western culture, religion, experiences and karmic entanglements. Through the invisible enemy, Covid, this became very clear.


All kinds of fears were touched by the pandemic and the measures taken: fear of restriction of freedom, fear of illness, fear of suffering, fear of loss, fear of separation, fear of a vaccine, fear of connection and fear of death (or is it, life?).


In the midst of this uproar, one of my best friends, Kim, whom I knew for 30 years, had a heart attack at the age of 49. Suddenly her life came to a standstill. They were able to save her and keep her alive in intensive care. She was conscious, but in bad physical condition.


From the moment I heard about her heart attack, I have supported her energetically and spiritually from a distance. Every day, until the moment she left her body. A practice they call ‘phowa’ in Tibetan Buddhism and which I had unconsciously mastered over the years. These 2.5 months of guiding Kim have strengthened the realization already present in me, that the process of dying and death is a miracle. And a chance to awaken.


I wish everyone the spiritual guidance I was able to give my friend in the process of dying. And I would like everybody to be able to die (and live!), as Kim did. Whole, in peace, awakened and in harmony with all that is.


This is only possible if during our lives we purify ourselves, remove ballast, let go of emotions so that from within a greater realization and expanded consciousness can grow. About who and what we really are. 


We need to die before we die, so when death comes, it finds no one to kill.


I am working on a program specifically for those who face death or who fear it. It will make you experience what mortality and eternity are and what stands in the way of a clear view.


I’ll take you into my own experiences and with those of clients, so that recognition can take place how death (the formless) is always present in life. From other lives, family lines or the collective.


Although I personally feel strongly connected to Tibetan Buddhism and my practice has been found to be very similar to some of the practices of this tradition, this program is not based on any official teaching. You can follow it with any background. It is about the personal revelation that wants to take place within you. Beyond dogmas, religion, philosophies and beliefs. So that life and death can really show themselves to you in their full potential.


Raw, sincere, rich, full and empty at the same time.


It is an honour to accompany you on this journey of discovery.



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