Podcast De Ontwaakte Leider

Awakened Leadership


Are you a conscious leader, professional or coach who has already done a lot of inner work and knows that consciousness is ever expanding, ever becoming, and ever awakening? Do you seek the strength and support of an evolved Earthy guide for the birth of your Awakened Leadership?

See From the Eye of the Whole


We all have our blind spots and need other humans of high caliber and consciousness to help us see clearly as we rise. I get this and know the process thoroughly myself.

Either as a conscious leader, professional or coach, I know that your work here is of utmost importance and that by supporting you, you can better support the ones connected to you. From new beginnings to ends of cycles, and all the moments in between, what I offer is a holding space for you as you experience the depth of your entire being.

As an inspired soul who deeply understands consciousness, and yet is well grounded to the Earth, I know what embodied awakening and truth holding means. I understand the yearning for unity and harmony among all. I have trust in divine timing and know that each of us is living a very personal evolution and yet one that contributes to and completes the whole.

Knowing my own gifts and talents, and utilizing them for the benefit of others is something I am deeply grateful for. It is this that has made it possible to support the journey of awakening for many people who have crossed my path for inspiration, growth and support. I know there are many more truthful connections and encounters to come. It has only just begun.

If you’re a conscious leader and feel a solid YES to having support and guidance on your journey of growth consciousness into Awakened Leadership, then please keep reading the below invitation for collaboration. I work internationally through online sessions or at location in my magical yurt in Nijmegen (The Netherlands).


Currently I am offering an exclusive and intensive inner journey: The Fundament of Awakened Leadership. Start next Dutch group: March 2024. More info here





'Mireille has a rare and exceptional gift that I have never experienced with other coaches before. At the deepest core of my being things have shifted, and this made me make the choices I was longing for in my personal and professional life.'


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The Invitation


A Private Journey is for those who are truly ready, capable and willing to make the commitment - in time, energy and investment - for the depth of this sacred collaboration to be experienced. 

Igniting a Sparkle of Consciousness is what is needed for us to relate differently with ourselves and with each other; in our love relationships, at work, with our children and in the world as a whole. This includes when we are confronted with, our own or others, death.

The below form is an invitation to collaborate - for us to start a journey into transparence, integrity and awakened leadership. Either for you personally, or as a conscious leader within your organization. Nothing less than a high unexpected outcome is the result.

This invitation for collaboration is meant for both of us to explore the potential match of our ambitions; to dive deep, find new understandings and reveal truth. Please share your current consciousness growth, challenges, wishes and goals in the below form. You will receive a response once I’ve tuned-in to your invitation. (Inter)national sessions take place online or locally in my magical yurt in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Thank you for taking this first step into the birth of Awakened Leadership.

~ Mireille ~

Private Journey Invitation Form